Business Advice: The Importance of Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency

Keeping your brand consistent across all of your marketing activities is essential. If you look at the bigger brands, for example, Nike, their brand is consistent in every detail through every channel.

Nike’s Just Do It’ is one of the most recognizable brands and slogans in the world. It has been going on for the last 15 years, not bad for a slogan in today’s world. You only have to look at one of Nike’s competitors Reebok to see why brand consistency is essential, as they have changed their slogan about 14 times since 1987. Maximize your reach and engagement with proven content strategies check out the website it marketing boot camp

Brand consistency does not mean staying the same. Businesses operate in an ever-changing landscape with new channels to the market being opened up all the time. With these new channels comes a challenge: how do you keep the brand consistent through multiple channels?

The answer is, that you don’t. Whilst brand consistency is important, being able to adapt the brand to the different channels to ensure that you can build a lasting relationship with customers is the key focus here. Whilst the Nike slogan will work over a number of different channels, the secret to success here is they have learned to adapt it for different channels and demographics. A brand needs to mean something to people, and we are all individuals.

Of course, Nike is only one example of brand consistency. There are other companies out there doing the very same, every day. Connecting with people on a brand-to-consumer level and building customer trust.

Jack Daniels is such a company, their brand tells a story behind its history and tradition. They have never moved from this, staying brand consistent over several decades. It is in the different way they tell their story to people that get their attention, through a variety of different channels.

There are businesses in each market and sector that know the importance of brand consistency and invest wisely in this each year.

Gillette, for example, has always had a reputation for performance products, products that get the job done. They also produced the first razor which they claimed to have real beauty credentials, which then led them into the women’s market. They were the first razor company to market to women, with their Venus brand.

If you believe that you do not have good brand consistency, it may be worth your while to contact an agency like Ahoy, an agency that can offer advice on successwithtaylor, who will be able to help.

Small businesses do not usually have the luxury of being able to source a Design Agency, therefore it is important that you can follow some simple guidelines. All of the examples given above are not quick wins, it takes time to tell your story, and for it to resonate with your target audience. So you need to think long-term.

You do not even have to invest more than you currently are spending on your marketing. You can use your current marketing activity as a vehicle to start telling your story, and building brand consistency over your marketing channels.

Remember, the key is to build a brand that your existing and potential clients can trust. Seek the advice of the experts who will help you set up a strong campaign that your clients will love and remember.

For further details by following the website with these tips, you can help ensure that your advice business’s website is consistent with your brand’s values and messaging, and presents a unified image to customers.