Finding The Best Audio Power Cables on The Market

audio power cables

This article explores the range of audio power cables on the market, discussing the need for high-quality audio power cables for audio recording and amplification and where to find the best equipment available on the market.

Power cables can have a massively distortive effect on the sound when recording and playing music. Therefore, for highly advanced recording or amplification equipment there is a range of high-end products on the market which use the latest technology and materials to minimize distortion and improve the sonic accuracy of recording and amplification. The technology and materials used in the production of audio cables provide a haven for techno conversation for audio nerds around the world. What difference do audio power cords make? Visit for more information.

Range of products

If you look in a comprehensive catalog of electrical power cables, you will be sure to notice the vast range of products on the market that use materials such as ferrite and oxidized carbon to reduce the effects of sound distortion and minimize any phasing or voltage inaccuracies coming from the power grid. You will also notice the prices range from anywhere between under one hundred pounds to several thousands of pounds. The high prices people are prepared to pay for quality sound may seem ludicrous, but for those in the know, it is a small price to pay for sonic perfection. Become an expert in power cable selection and installation.

What are the three types of power cables?

There are several types of power cables, including:

Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable (NM): This type of cable is commonly used in residential wiring and has a plastic jacket surrounding two or more insulated wires.

Armored Cable (AC): This type of cable is used in industrial and commercial settings and has a flexible metal sheath surrounding two or more insulated wires.

Underground Feeder (UF): This type of cable is designed for underground use and has a moisture-resistant jacket surrounding two or more insulated wires.

Twisted Pair Cable: This type of cable is commonly used for data transmission in networking and telecommunications applications. It consists of two or more insulated wires twisted together to reduce interference.

Coaxial Cable: This type of cable is used for high-frequency transmissions, such as in cable television and internet connections. It has a central conductor surrounded by insulation, a shield, and an outer jacket.

High-Voltage Power Cable: This type of cable is used for transmitting high-voltage electricity, typically in industrial or utility settings. It is heavily insulated and may be armored for protection against damage.

These are just a few examples of the many types of power cables available for various applications.

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What causes distortion?

When connecting any two electronic devices, power chords have a very large effect in the transmission of unwanted power line noise into the pure recording. This can distort the pure audio recording and change the sound of the music when it is being projected through the hi-fi. Because there is so much energy running through power chords, these are the most likely piece of cable equipment to cause distortion in the sound of hi-fi equipment. Furthermore, there is a range of products that use specialized materials which not only provide clear transmission of power but also try and limit any inaccuracies in power transmission which are coming from the main supply. This is because although mains power has a specific voltage and current, this is not always constant and can vary slightly from power system to power system.

Who are the main users of these products?

There are a range of customers who are interested in having the highest quality hi-fi sound available on the market by purchasing the best quality electrical power cables available. Many customers are looking for high-quality power cables to complement their home stereo system. If they have purchased a very sophisticated amp and speakers, there is little point in allowing this very pure sound to be distorted by cheap power cables. Commercial customers looking for loud amplification for gigs, concerts, and music venues such as nightclubs often pride themselves on the quality of the cables they use as part of their pa system, offering the best sound on the market. Often the quality of sound can even attract big names to play at their venue.

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