How to Make your Home Dog-Friendly

Home Dog-Friendlye

Now that you have decided to acquire a pet dog, you are certainly quite excited. You finally get to keep a friend in your home, who is a lot of fun and will certainly change your life for the better. With all of the excitement going around, it is possible to forget about some very important things you must do around your home in order to make it more dog-friendly. Surely you have prepared additional tools for home cleaning, as having a dog increases the number of chores, but you must also consider other things. If you are interested to learn more about your pet’s food and healthy activities, visit this dedicated website for useful information.

Read on, and in case you find that you have overlooked any of the following tips, make sure you catch up as you wait for the dog to arrive at your home.

  • Deny access to floor-level cupboards – if you keep your home cleaning solutions and other dangerous items in your cupboards, it is a good idea to fit some child locks on them. That way you know your dog cannot reach them and thus any chance of an accident ever occurring is minimized.
  • Candles, burners, and incense should be monitored around dogs – this is a disaster ready to happen. Never leave any such items when you know your dog is around. Make sure that you are around when you use them so that you are safe.
  • Firmly close the doors of all appliances – if you are bringing home a small puppy, you must be ready to protect the little explorer from wandering into dangerous places. Any opening to such big enough appliances should be kept closed at all times. Otherwise, you might discover that your little friend finds the interior of such items accommodating and comfortable for sleep. Needless to say, this is very dangerous and may lead to your dog getting hurt or stuck.
  • Consider safe cleaning – dogs can be very sensitive towards the ingredients of some cleaning solutions, especially if these are heavy-duty cleaners meant for special handling. While you may certainly want to use them, you have to consider that they might have a negative impact on your dog’s health. That is why you should avoid such products, and instead turn to some safer methods, which involve eco-friendly solutions. Learn more about dog health and food on this dedicated website. You can also visit this website for useful information about pet-friendly environments. 
  • Be careful with indoor plants – plants in trays and pots may become a problem for a few reasons. One is that it is in the playful nature of dogs to mess around with any such objects. Returning home from work one day may present to your dirt from the plant pots all over your living room. A serious cleaning service would be needed then. Additionally, some plants are poisonous to dogs, which is why you should do everything in your power to discourage your puppy from eating and chewing them. Such plant types include Poinsettia, Mistletoe, Philodendron, and more.
  • Secure slick flooring – your dog will likely run at high speed around your home from time to time. That is why you must consider putting a carpet or non-skid matting on hardwood and linoleum floors in order to prevent falling and injury.

Follow these tips and make the necessary arrangement around your home. That way your pet will have an easier time around and so will you as you take care of them. Furthermore, you can read our articles on this website to know more about pet health and care.