Simple Web Design Tips for Beginners


New websites are created every day, and the decision to have a website is directly related to the impact that the site will have on any future profits. Most new business websites are created to widen the customer demographic of the business and increase trade through avenues other than the more traditional methods. There is no need for a business website to be over complicated for it to be effective, and by following some incredibly simple tips which are provided on this website .You can make the most of your new sales tool and reap the rewards that it brings.

Keep it Simple

All of the best sites on the web are incredibly simple to use with clear navigation, a user can land on the site and easily access the information that they are looking for. A good website is kept clear from all unnecessary gadgets and gismos so that users can see what they need straight away. Information on your website is always good, and the more regularly updated it is the better, however too much information leaves the site bogged down and the users confused as to where to find what they need.

Keep to a Basic Colour Scheme

Overuse of colour can make a site unattractive to users; too many colours can make a site confusing to navigate. A simple unified and complimentary colour scheme can give a website a cohesive and professional appearance. If you have a company logo that is going to be used on the website, take one or two colours from the logo and use them for the entire colour scheme of the site. Keep up the colour consistency across the different pages of your website and you will form a solid look for your site, which will add to the overall professional image that you are presenting. For further information about colour scheme, you can visit this dedicated website:

Keep Navigation Simple

If a customer appears on your page, you want them to be able to access the information that they require with no more than one or two clicks at the most. When a user must wait for a longer amount of time to get the information that they require, there is a greater possibility that they will leave your website in favour of one that provides them with the information that they require. This is because when a user must wait for the information that they require, they are more likely to become frustrated and leave your website. The majority of websites will feature a list of potential navigation options either across the top of their website or down the left-hand side of the page, so navigating should not be difficult.

Use Quality Images

Forget about novelty gifs and low-quality images or time-consuming special effects, all of this detracts from the quality aspects of your site. Ensure that the images that you upload are of the highest quality resolution that you can, and avoid using moving graphics and special effects as they will just leave your site looking gimmicky rather than professional. Check out this website that how to make quality images for your website. Special effects take quite a lot of processing which could impact how long your page takes to load, if it takes too long users will click away from your site and seek what they need from your competitors.