Top Tips for Fixing a Slow Computer by Yourself

Fixing a Slow Computer

Is your computer running slow? You may be thinking that you need to get it into a store to fix but the good news is that you could do it from your home. This does depend on the reason for the slow computer though. There are some very common reasons for a computer to run slowly, including broken or damaged registries and simply trying to do too much at the same time. Click here to get detailed information about PCs, Software, laptops, and other latest technologies.

Here are some simple tips to fix your slow computer by yourself.

  1. Make Sure There Is Enough Memory: The first common reason for a computer to start running slow is that you have used up all the memory. This creates problems for software to run, the CPU to work, and to save items. The best thing that you can do is check your memory levels regularly and clear anything that you do not need.

It is unlikely that software will cause a memory problem, although computer games can. The most regular reason is linked to music, photos, and videos. If you can, store them on the Cloud or on other devices so you keep your computer memory for the important things

  1. Avoid Doing Too Much at Once: The CPU can multitask but that doesn’t mean it has to. Eventually, it will start struggling to process everything and this slows it down. You can find out how much is being used on various parts by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and clicking on the Task Manager.

This will also show you the number of programs that are running at the moment. Some will need to continue to run in the background but not all do. If you know that you no longer need a piece of software right now, make sure that it is completely closed so you can speed up the stuff that you are currently doing. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information regarding technology.

  1. Too Much Happening at the Start: When you upload your computer, it is possible that you are trying to do too much. There are some programs that will start automatically as soon as you reboot your computer but this slows the whole process down. Instead of allowing things to start automatically, only open them when you need to.

Some of the more common issues are your instant messenger programs, music programs, and your emails. You may not want to use them all right away so only open them when you do want to. This helps to restart your computer so you can get right to work when you need to.

Looking after your computer is important. A slow computer happens for a variety of reasons but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune to fix them. Some of the more common issues are easily fixed with changes to your computer settings or by running regular maintenance. You will soon find that your five-year-old computer runs like it is a baby. Do not forget to visit this website in order to acquire additional information regarding the latest technologies.