How Effective is Merchandise Marketing?

Merchandise Marketing

Merchandise marketing, in the right situations, can be very powerful. It can help increase your revenue, visibility, and brand cohesion. However, if done wrong, you can have a lot of stock that sits and gathers dust. The point is to understand when and why you need merchandise and how that merchandise can add to your marketing efforts. For some, business merchandise marketing is best to help customers or clients find and differentiate your staff from everyone else. In other instances, it can become a hot-ticket tote that people buy just so that they can walk around with it (and, in turn, advertise your business). Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from industry experts and fellow marketers at Frog Save

Knowing why you need merchandise marketing can help you understand why and how effective it is to your overall business:

Situations Where Merchandise Marketing is Powerful

Merchandise marketing is powerful in several situations:

1.When you sell merchandise to customers

Selling merchandise is an option available to almost every business type, and it can be very successful. The only thing you need to do is be smart with the design. The products you sell must look incredible, and they must be high quality.

2.When you use branding and gear to help your employees stand out

In situations where you need your employees to stand out, custom merchandise like hats or shirts can help them stand out and look professional. This is best in larger stores, outside situations, trade shows, and wherever it is either busy or there may be significant space between customers and employees.

3.When you want to make your brand into a lifestyle

Nike and other sports brands made their product and logo into a lifestyle. It’s transcended a simple product. It is very hard to do this, but you will become a cult icon if you can manage it.

4.When you want to benefit from secondary marketing

If you offer custom tote bags that a customer likes, they will likely use that bag more than once. This means that they will be walking around with your bag, name, and logo. It’s a simple way to get more people to see and be familiar with your brand. Take your marketing strategy to the next level. Find out how to make the most of merchandise marketing by visiting at Demand Question Time thought-provoking discussion.

Statistics to Remember with Merchandise Marketing

Merchandise marketing and promotional products do go hand-in-hand, but there are slight differences. For example, a promotional product can be a sample size of your products but never underestimate how important product packaging and merchandising can be to help with your entire operation.

  1.     88% of people remember brands that have provided promotional products to them.
  2.     85% of people will shop from or hire a company that used merchandising
  3.     80% of people will remember your slogan and logo
  4.     82% of people who own promotional merchandise will buy from the brand.
  5.     62% of people will give away their promotional products.
  6.     83% chance of bringing in new customers

A branding agency can help you with all aspects of your merchandise marketing strategy. From designing the branding and product packaging to providing you with key merchandise items that will help your staff stand out, give customers something fun to buy, and more.

There are many reasons why merchandise marketing can boost your business, so explore the ways at Go-oodles that it can help yours today.