Oversized Sunglasses – The Pendulum Swings Back


Fashion is often described as being cyclical. That is certainly one way to look at it. But when it comes to certain fashion items and accessories – like designer sunglasses, for example – trends seem to be more like a pendulum than a cycle. Need evidence? Look no further than oversized sunglasses. If you want to know more about the latest fashion trends, visit this dedicated website https://topbestone.com/ for further details.

Frames too big for the average face were all the rage in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They kind of faded away along with the start of the Great Recession. In recent years, tiny sunglasses emerged as the must-have item among eyewear aficionados. But just like that, they are gone too. Now the oversized look is back. What’s more, it is back in full force.

Bigger is Apparently Better

The interesting thing about this latest iteration of oversized sunglasses is some of the actual sizes. To look at some of the latest models, it would appear as though designers feel like bigger is much better. A couple of models now making their way through fashion circles are so big it is surprising they actually stay on a person’s face.

Today’s biggest frames are not just bigger than the smaller frames they have replaced. They are really, really big. Some are big enough that they would qualify as goggles if they had foam padding and an elastic strap to hold them in place. Others are big enough to give RoboCop’s helmet a run for its money.

All of this is fine and dandy as far as style is concerned. After all, what is the point of pursuing fashion if a person’s style never changes? Change is the hallmark of the entire fashion mindset. What is hot today is cold tomorrow. What is new tomorrow will get replaced by something even newer in short order. 

Look on the Positive Side

Maybe you are not one for the pendulum of fashion. Even so, there is a positive side to the most recent oversized sunglasses craze. What is it? Oversized sunglasses should theoretically offer better eye protection. Protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays is one area in which size really does matter. Fashion should be adopted in such a way that looks adorable on you, click here https://ezstores.net/ for more tips.

Olympic Eyewear, a Salt Lake City supplier of designer-like sunglasses at wholesale prices, explains that UV protection is built-in to sunglasses via a separate protective layer embedded in the lenses. It is completely separate from tinting. They say that the larger the surface area, the more protection a lens offers.

Their explanation makes clear why optometrists recommend wearing sunglasses as big as your face will tolerate. It explains why they are so much against sunglasses that barely cover the eyes. They are smart enough to know that larger lenses offer more protection.

Oversized Wraparounds

Given what we know about UV protection and sunglasses, it would seem that the best pair of oversized sunglasses would also be wraparounds. They would be big enough in the front to block even the sunlight that normally comes in over the top of smaller frames. They would also wrap around the side of the face to prevent sun leaks from the sides.

Use your imagination and the possibilities here are endless. As long as oversized remains a trend, designers can come up with some pretty wild looks that envelop nearly the entire face for maximum UV protection. With enough volume, you wouldn’t even need to apply sunscreen to your face. Just don a huge pair of sunglasses and let them do all the work.

All fun aside, oversized sunglasses are back in. No one knows how long this current trend will last. One thing is for sure though: the pendulum keeps swinging. Do not forget to visit this website https://k10world.com/ for useful information about trendy fashion.