The Connection between My Water and Cancer


The presence of carcinogens in your home’s water supply is becoming more common. No longer is the concern whether they are present but, instead, how to deal with them. A carcinogen is a cancer-causing substance. When considering the contaminants of our water they could be many things, from microplastics to chlorination byproducts. Many of the substances and pollutants that we know to be in our water are probable carcinogens. What makes the occurrence of these carcinogens in our water supply more distressing is that we consume large amounts. So, while an incredibly small amount of trihalomethane (THM), a carcinogen found in public water supplies, may be associated with a low risk of harm, the consumption and accumulation of the substance increase the likelihood of cancer cells developing. Furthermore, this is only one of the contaminants in your water. The range of substances making their way into your home’s water supply may meet the minimum required levels for safety (though often fail to) but over time and with increased exposure they may prove to be dangerous. You can also visit this website for useful information about precautions and its treatment.

It has been the use of chlorine and, in some cities, chloramine, that causes harmful byproducts such as THM and haloacetic acids (HAAs) to occur. Chlorine is used in our water to prevent water-borne diseases. Chloramine is the more potent version that is created when chlorine is mixed with ammonia. Often this is intentional and is used to disinfect water with greater strength. However, it also occurs unintentionally when the two are present in water at the same time. THM and HAAs that make their way into your home cannot simply be removed by boiling and there is even developing evidence that they may pose harm when used solely for bathing, as opposed to direct ingestion. If you want to learn more about drinking purifies water, visit this dedicated website:

Carcinogens are not the only concern. There are increasing numbers of health risks caused by lead and mercury in our water, as well as from the presence of pesticides. In response to these issues, a large number of people are turning to personal water purification within their homes. Public water filtration can only do so much. There are also pollutants currently outside of its control such as the personal flushing of medicines contaminating the water with pharmaceuticals as well as mercury from Chinese coal plants and trade winds.

If you are considering purifying your home’s water, then it is important to understand what you are filtering. Due to multiple contaminants that require various forms of filtration, you need to be understanding of your equipment for it to be a valuable investment. Suppliers such as clean air pure water not only offer high-quality whole home filtration systems but also offer in-depth advice and review of your local water report. By obtaining and understanding your local water report you will be able to see exactly what needs to be filtered out of your home’s water. This consideration, when making the investment, means you will be purchasing filtration equipment that is far more effective than a basic filter, keeping your home and family safe from contaminants and carcinogens. Mental and physical health is very important for good health. Click here for more details.