Internal or external SEO. Better in the company or hire an SEO agency?


Anyone who wants to be successful online relies on search engine optimization. But should companies hire an agency to do this, or should they hire their own specialists?

It is now clear to most that it is no longer enough to have a single company website, it must also be maintained and optimized for search engines.

Those who are still at the beginning of their SEO work are often faced with the decision of whether to work with third-party service providers or hire the best permanent SEO on board. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want to learn more about SEO tools, kindly visit this dedicated website for useful information.

Internal SEO: pros and cons

Finding a well-trained SEO specialist with the right experience is not always easy. In-house search engine optimizers must not only bring specialized knowledge with them, they must also be able to coordinate different departments. Once you’ve found the right candidate, they’re often worth their weight in gold.

Benefits of internal SEO

  • Short communication channels: An internal SEO is usually quicker to understand, so questions can often be clarified “in the short official channel”. Also, your own SEO knows exactly who in the company you can approach about what topics. This enables close cooperation with the product, development and communication teams.
  • Focus: Permanent SEOs only take care of your website and keep a close eye on it. They are also very familiar with the culture of the company, the product and the customers.
  • Motivation: For internal SEOs, the company website is “their baby” and not one of many projects. The success of the website is also a personal success that is valuable to your own professional career.
  • Credibility: When it comes to creating important collaborations, your own employees are more credible than an agency that represents you.
  • Costs – In most cases, a permanent SEO specialist is cheaper than an agency.

Disadvantages of internal SEO

  • Additional training: SEO is constantly changing and therefore SEO experts must stay informed to stay up to date. With in-house SEOs, you are responsible for providing adequate time and financial resources.
  • Operational blindness: On the one hand, it is an advantage that internal SEO takes care of your company alone, on the other hand, after a while this can also lead to operational blindness. There is a lack of knowledge about other industries from which important tricks can be learned.
  • Staff change: If the SEO position needs to be filled again, a detailed and structured handover is necessary. Processes and projects that have already been started can come to a standstill if the successor has not yet gotten used to them.

SEO agency: pros and cons

Just like selecting the right employees, finding the right agency isn’t necessarily child’s play. SEO agencies are a dime a dozen, including, unfortunately, several black sheep. You may visit this website for useful information about internal or external SEO. However, once you have found the right partner, there are several advantages.

Advantages of an SEO agency

  • Technical knowledge and additional training: SEO agencies already bring with them a set of specialized knowledge. In addition, the agency itself is responsible for the continuous training of its employees.
  • Exchange: Search engine optimization is dynamic and its success depends largely on the transfer of knowledge. Many experts work together in an SEO agency who not only brainstorm with each other but also often attend many conferences.
  • Tool – Unlike most companies, agencies have the budget to work with various SEO tools.
  • Extensive experience: SEO has many facets: content, link building, technical SEO and many more. While a single employee may not cover all niches equally, many different specialized SEOs work together in agencies.
  • Time budget: The SEO tasks that arise are not always enough for a permanent position. An SEO agency can also work with small budgets and increase them as needed.
  • Thinking outside the box: Agencies serve many different clients from different industries. Learning from one industry can often be transferred to others and can lead to new ideas.

Disadvantages of an SEO agency

  • Longer communication channels: Agencies are often harder to recruit than employees who sit directly at the company. In contrast, agencies often only have a specific contact person in the company, who first has to submit important issues and questions for decision-making internally.
  • Less knowledge of the market: Even if there are many agencies that specialize in certain industries, they do not have the same knowledge of the products and clients of a particular company as a permanent SEO employee.
  • Black sheep: As already mentioned, there are also some representatives among the numerous SEO agencies that sell little performance for a lot of money. Those who work with outdated SEO methods often do more harm than good but pay dearly for it.

The best choice?

The decision between an SEO agency or an in-house SEO largely depends on a company’s resources and the scope of services required. The question of how highly the important of SEO is valued in the company also decisively influences the decision.

Businesses that rely heavily on SEO often do better with their own team. On the other hand, if you only see SEO as a smaller part of the marketing mix and only have a few regular SEO tasks to implement, you can resort to cooperation with an agency. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about SEO tools.